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MPF Research Services is combining:

Experience and Expertise of Market
Research/Marketing Consultancy,
Project Management and Analysis


The two largest field service provider in Germany – empowered by 30 years of experience

The KS Kudos Services GmbH is a professional service company which successfully merges longstanding experience and expertise in the areas of Market Research and Strategic Marketing.
Our main goal is to offer optimal support to our clients at all stages of their business activities: all the way from a product idea or market positioning exercise to a distribution strategy or consumer satisfaction survey.
To achieve this, we provide tailor-made solutions to suit the individual needs of our clients.
With 10 central sites in Hamburg, Cologne, Essen, Stuttgart, Nuremberg and Berlin, all equipped up to the highest standard and spread over more than 6000 sq/m, m-s Teststudios and Herzog + Glaser GmbH offer you unequalled research opportunities.

An experienced team, which continues the heritage of 3 decades of delivering high-quality services, is ensuring the professional and smooth running of all your fieldwork activities.

Market Research


Services provided range from mere Fieldwork Assignments to Full Service Consulting Projects. The methods we use cover all major qualitative and quantitative approaches from an explorative focus group to a sensory, quantitative product evaluation.


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